About us

       Ekam Sports Arena provides excellent multi-sport facilities, emphasis on recreation and all round development of its members. Our facilities in Maratahalli are equipped with the international sized courts and certified coaches to help you hone your skills.

      Our endeavor is to provide our members an option for healthy living as well as help them in their vigorous pursuit of excellence in sports.

      Becoming involved in sports can play a major role in improving and maintaining a person's health. Playing sports can help in numerous ways. Playing a sport is an excellent way to meet one's need for consistent exercise. A strong heart is important for a long and healthy life.


      Ekam Motto is enshrined in the Sanskrit expression, 'Togetherness' or 'Unity" meaning "All in one place". Thus, all our efforts are directed to help our members to forge ahead providing them with the right opportunities and ideal environment for recreation and harmonious development of the personality. We endeavor to instill in the members a sense of responsibility and initiative to become useful members of the society so that they can competently play their important role in the nation building process.


       Ekam Sports Arena is located in the heart of Marathalli and to be precise in Munnekolala, close to Kundanahalli Gate. It is situated very close to Whitefield and just about 400 meters away from Marathalli bridges on Outer Ring Road and Railway Line, making it easily accessible from various parts of Bangalore.

       Ekam Sports Arena is spread over one acre of verdant splendor, the magnificent campus covers the administrative block, tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball court, football and hockey fields and Indoor space. We provide ample parking space for our members.

        Our sports and games infrastructure is most modern and perhaps the best in the country. Our sports arena is a perfect setting and an ideal environment for aesthetic and physical development of the chosen few who dare fortunate to gain skills and be a champion.