Kathak Dance

  • Kathak is ast of telling stories with the help of dance and like most Hindu dances, evolved to become a purely religious art. The technique of Kathak calls for highly elaborate choreographic language using mudras, footwork, facial expressions and positions of the body. Grace, emotion and sophistication of gesture coupled with speed and the precision of its rhythms give Kathak its essential qualities.
  • Our coaching program is specialized for kids from age of 6 and above to adults. In our training program we develop dialogue between the percussion instruments and the dancers who wear ghunguru. The choreograhic steps are often recited by bol, mnemotechnical syllables that describe the steps and rhythmic speed with which they will be performed.
  • In our training programs at Ekam, we are dedicated to enhance the artist in each member. We have devised a program called Ekam Skills Development and Assessment Program (ESDAP) .