Ekam Skill Development and Assessment Program (ESDAP)

  • Ekam provides a proprietary grading system to track progress and give you feedback on member's chosen sports. It is called Ekam Skill Development and Assessment Program (ESDAP). This initiative is built on the whole idea of giving the best to our members. Everyone is unique and this report should help you grow further in your chosen sport.
  • There are Ekam proprietary 15 levels of proficiency in each sport/activity, 15 being the best. At level 15, the member becomes a master of the sport/activity.
  • Level Level Name Level Level Name
    1 Greenhorn 8 Intermediate
    2 Novice 9 Competitive
    3 Tyro 10 Talented
    4 Enthusiast 11 Advanced
    5 Prime 12 Skilled
    6 Buff 13 Specialist
    7 Explorer 14 Expert
    15 Pro
  • These levels are cumulatively judged with the help of 6 criteria called 6 Ss, i.e. Speed, Spirit, Strength, Stamina, Skills and softskills. The marking of each of 6 criteria is done on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best. The Skills depict the techniques, rule and regulations of the sport or activity of the member. The soft skills of the member are Team Work, Communication, Creativity, Instruction Taking, Consistency in Work Habits, Motivational Skills and Self Control & Direction.
  • 10 rating for each criteria is as follows.
  • Score Description Score Description
    1 Below Basic 6 Adept
    2 Basic 7 Advance
    3 Fundamental 8 Superior
    4 Moderate 9 Extreme
    5 Proficient 10 Supreme
  • Ekam provides a report card every six months stating progress on various criteria and the overall professional level.