Summer Camp

       If you are looking for ways to introduce your child to new and fun experiences, you have got to check out our Ekam Summer Camp and Day Care. Our camp is designed to be fun and interactive. Kids just love them!

       Ekam Summer Camp and Day Care has group dynamics, so your child can bring his or her friends or make new ones. We find that when kids are with friends, the learning environment becomes even more engaging.

       Ekam Summer Camp and Day Care is available during the summer. Skills that your child learns at the camp are organizational skills, sportsmanship skills, and technique of the game that one chooses.

       Using a kid-friendly mix of interactive lessons, fun games and expert teachers, Ekam Summer Camp and Day Care can help your child master the basics of any game. We concentrate on them learning and having fun at the same time.

  • Please find here schedule and rates of weekdays and weekends classes.
  • We are also providing transport (limited seats) for which you can send a mail to us at giving us the details of your address, this will help us to give you a rate plan.
  • In the Fun activities and Indoor activities, there would be indoor games, fun games, specialized art and craft classes wherein kids get to make some art work every day.
  • There are story telling sessions wherein we would be narrating a story with a moral value along with group discussions to make it interactive flavoured with a talk on health benefits.
  • Debate sessions on simple topics, reading sessions, group activities etc. are also organized depending on the choice/preference of the child/parents.
  • For lunch, they can carry lunch which they will eat after a small prayer. There will be a juice break at 10:30 am and a snack break at 4:00 pm.

       We are trying to create a neat & clean and a healthy environment for the kids, so that tomorrow they grow to be responsible citizens and good human beings.