• At Ekam we have 3 tennis courts of international size. The members can play the game on their own or can take coaching. The coaching is provided in the morning and in the evening by proficient coaches.
  • Tennis Coaching - Kids and Adults

  • We have morning hours reserved for adults and advanced students. The evening hours are reserved for kids and adults.
  • Tennis appears to be an easy sport to learn, but it takes many years of effort to become an accomplished player. People who start learning at a an early age, can take lessons consistently, play tournaments, have opportunities for scholarships and develop a career in tennis.
  • Here is a quick look at the tennis tournaments held world wide.
  • We, at Ekam, provide you full support in terms of affordable prices, flexible hours and expert coaches. All members receive individual attention, custom lessons and development in all areas like physical, technical and mental. Our primary aim is to provide excellence in tennis coaching programmes and facilities that will enable players to fulfill their potential and achieve the highest level in the sport.
  • Additionally we have our proprietary grading system called Ekam Skill Development and Assessment Program (ESDAP) to give you feedback on your progress and track your progress. This is an initiative of Ekam Sports Arena with the whole idea of giving the best to our members. Everyone is unique and this report should help you grow further in your chosen sport.
  • Tennis Practice

  • You can play the game of Tennis with your friends without the supervision of the coach to hone your skills, for fitness or just for fun. Monthly charges depend upon the number of hours you spend at Ekam.


    • Ekam pricing is very competitive to bring the best to you at affordable rates. Monthly charges depend upon the number of hours you spend at Ekam.